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Sun   I Entertainment

About the Group :

For Children and youth
I-Entertainment is a Delhi based company working towards the development of educating children through the means of theatre which was started by Mr. Imran Khan (the Artistic Director, I-Entertainment) in the year 2006. The aim of the company is to work towards the growth of theatre in education, a model now gaining widespread popularity across the world, through working with children of a range of age groups and backgrounds. The company aims at spreading education through the medium of theatre through means such as performances that juxtapose modern issues with traditional forms of presentation, workshops and discussions.

The company has been concerned with spreading education through theatre and devising performances for children for many years through activities such as organizing educational programs in school and colleges, creating plays with children and conducting workshops. We have undertaken large school project at Virmani public school and conducted traditional storytelling workshops in National Bal Bhawan and Maxfort School. Also, our Artistic Director has conducted a number of workshops in Bucharest, Romania based on Indian Folk tales. I-Entertainment also had an active participation in story telling sessions for children organized by Assitej India to celebrate the ‘World Theatre day for children and young audiences’.

For Adults
Beside with their wide-ranging work in the field of children’s theatre, members of ‘I’ Entertainment have been active on the professional stage as well working with renowned directors of the country. They have been involved in the capacity of actors, directors, script writers, lighting experts as well as production managers.

Artistic Director : Imran Khan

E-mail : contact@imrankhan.in


About the Group :

For the last five years ANANT has carried forth with the mission - 'In theatre we come together, and together we celebrate'. We have stressed particularly the necessity for togetherness - of artists & audience, of all theatre lovers across India, of society & theatre, of the human with the ideal.

ANANT, was registered in 1989 and sprang into activity in the very first year of its existence. From the beginning, we made an effort to analyze or question why humankind needs dramatic play. It was the given and the raison d’être for our movement. It is strange how we take drama for granted from early childhood. Why do children play drama on their own? What sort of 'play' appeals to children and to people in general? And why? Our premise was the nascent and natural instinct for the imaginative in 'the child' and in 'the folk'. This is reflected in the full form of ANANT (An Association for Nascent Art and Natural Theatre). At the core, it was a search for universal theatre. Consequently a direction was sought in children's theatre and in the culture friendly traditions of theatrical performance, keeping imagination as the most vital and intregal force among the various human faculties.

For about ten years, while ANANT took time to mature, I continued my work at various places with children at National Bal Bhavan, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Sahmat, and in schools and colleges, both in and out of Delhi. By 1998, some of my students who had grown into adulthood decided to regenerate ANANT. There has been no looking back since then. The young members are immersed constantly in their on-job training through ANANT's own activities. These include children's theatre workshops, making plays with children and young people, conducting school projects, undergoing training sessions conducted by some reputed professionals, and last but not the least, producing and acting in plays, both for children and the general public. ANANT has staged its plays over the last five years in Delhi and whole of India.

Our work, in its process, has been extended to pedagogy and learning. This has come by way of workshop with teachers, school projects, curriculum exercise, linking subject areas with performance, and work with children in classroom situations. There is need for more work and study, documentation and theorization. The possibilities are enormous. Our approach is not to treat dramatics, at least in the elementary stage, as a separate subject but to equip every teacher to use its elements in classroom transactions. Clearly, the insight yielded by experience, need to be grounded now in a framework that will extend more widely in the academic community.

Another area where we have worked in the last five years is dramatics in relation to special education - with the mental handicap. The short-term workshops and playmaking was so successful in these years that an 'in-curriculum' exercise was initiated by ANANT at the invitation of the Society for Child Development for its students at Prabhat, a school in Delhi for children with learning difficulties.

As we worked in these areas, we were witness to the amazing transformative quality of the theatre. We saw that it works by way of capacity enhancement, personality change, by helping all of us to be better learners, to enjoy, and thus by transforming our surroundings and ourselves. Now is the time for consolidation.

Director : Dr. Ashish Ghosh

Theatre Performances : The plays forming part of ANANT's repertory are -

1. Garbadjhala: entirely based on rhymes and played by children, this is the only play of its genre performed in many theatre event and festivals. Conceptualised and directed by Ashish Ghosh.

2. Raja Ki Khoj: Written in Bengali and directed by Ashish Ghosh, this verse play based on Panchatantra tales, was translated into Hindi by Safdar Hashmi. Performed by adult actors in kathavachak style, this play, together with Gadbadjhala, remains popular over the years.

3. Kisse: Created by adult actors in workshops and directed by Ashish Ghosh, this play uses story-telling traditions of several varieties in a unique way, using puppets.

4. Patrashuddhi: Written by Hari Madhav Mukhopadhyaya in Bengali and translated into Hindi and directed by Maneesh Manoja, this simple play lovingly tells the story of a village housewife's empowerment through literacy.

5. Mut-a-Shayar: Written by Clifford Bax, and translated by Maneesh Manoja, this play in shayari format is a hilarious comedy on sham poets. Directed by Ashish Ghosh.

6. Dekha-Andekha: Translated from Bertolt Brecht's "The Exception and the Rule" by Ashok Lal and directed by him, this play was staged at Bharat Rang Mahotsav in 2003, New Delhi.

7. Daon Pench: Evolved in children's theatre workshop and directed by Ashish Ghosh, this remains one of the most loving reflections on children's own world.

8. Kathokatay Agomani (Bengali): Acclaimed as a major contribution, this solo performance by Ashish Ghosh combines two almost extinct traditions of kathokata and agomani to create an universal language for theatre. It has been performed over 60 times in theatre events and festivans all over India - a unique feat by a Bengali living in New Delhi.

Contact : E-mail rangshala@gmail.com for further information.

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