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7th December, 2017

TIFLI 2017 Theatre Commentators - Day 5
Read and enjoy reviews, interviews and experiences sharing by young children un-covering TIFLI 2017 International Theatre Festival for Young Children

Tifli 2017, in its’ fourth year running, will have over 45 theatre performances from India and aboard; 7 workshops for Children, Teachers and Theatre professionals; a Painting Competition for children and a panel discussion on Theatre and Young Audience on the opening day. The week-long extravaganza is surely an event for which you should mark your calendars. Organized by ASSITEJ-India, the Fourth International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences – ‘Tifli 2017’ will be on at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi from 3rd to 9th December 2017. While Delhi remains the main festival city, Mumbai and Hyderabad play host to satellite festivals. The focus country in Tifli 2017 is France.


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Panchtantra Retold is a play that you don’t watch but experience by Eshita Jain

7th December, 2017

Treasured stories as precious as gold,
Were presented in Panchatantra Retold,
Old Panchtantra tales were given a new look,
As if tales were seen coming out from the book!

Panchatantra retold is a play that will surely awaken the child inside you and let you enjoy your ‘bachpan’ in the true spirit of Tifli Theatre Festival. The play had a blockbuster start where the actors fought, held grudges and whined over childish things like “I can’t act without my monkey costume!”, “Why did you eat my pre- show lucky banana?” Talking of bananas, when asked, the director Ms Rebecca Spurgeon explained that they actually have a banana before every performance! The spectators couldn’t help but laugh at the actor’s childlike innocence. The saying ‘Music unites all’ was beautifully portrayed when the actors settled their feud by hugging each other as soon as the musical chords were struck. The play is highly interactive. At almost every point in the play, children popped up with their innocent comments and remarks. The acting skills of the actors are so exemplary that the children are at times were confused and couldn’t help asking “Is this a part of the play or reality?”

It’s just unbelievable how all the actors brought their roles to life without using much props and costumes. The musical rhythm in the background seems to mesmerize us and live each and every scene of the play. A very strong connection is built between the audience and the actors as jackals, monkeys and the narrators interact, talk and laugh with the kids. The beautiful blue waves created in the last story of Panchatantra retold looked so real and tranquil that it seemed as if we were watching the waves in a sea. Down this river when the crocodile swims, the director is particularly moved. She says that this is her best moment as this is what happens in life, things happen which we can’t control. The play also had shadow as one of its theatre forms. The construction in the second story‘nut bolt nut bolt nut bolt shift’ made me wonder, is construction that fun?

On asking the director, what inspired her to write this play, she said, “ I have always been fascinated by Panchatantra Stories. These stories are like heirlooms passed down from generations. So when I thought of directing a play, I felt that Panchatantra Tales are just the one.” The director expressed that it was really challenging for her to create a play for children involving shadows, objects and other elements of their interest. I was astonished to know that the play has been performed 23 times yet every time it’s a new one for the crew.

If you have not watched "Panchtantra Retold", you must watch it today at National Bal Bhavan, ITO

My Room My World - Rediscover the child inside you by Siddharth Kalra

7th December, 2017

In this play there is a messy room which a daughter and a dad tidy up using their creativity and make something amazing. The children also get to play around in this amazing world and make something new using their creativity. The director has used things that belong in a child's room like blackboard, storybooks, number cards, newspapers, kids xylophone, or props that a child could get from somewhere like plastic utensils to take you to another universe. This play helps them express themselves in a awesome way and get to know themselves better. The director has made this play for his lovable son. The play really transforms the way you would think of a child's room.

This is a play for all those children out there to enjoy and for parents to realize that a child's play is important. So children and adults must come watch this creativity filled and beautiful show, My Room My World. Come and rediscover the child inside you at TIFLI 2017.

Bhool Rasta - Simplicity or Extravagant? by Aditri Bansal

7th December, 2017

Bhool Raasta is a play from Kolkata, performed by Jhalapala group. The performance of artists is very energetic and lively. The play showcases in a traditional way a story of a young prince, with the help of dance and music using local dialect. The prince along with his friends is on a trip to a far off country to bring a miracle fruit for his ailing mother but he finds the journey very tiring and troublesome and decides to return. During his return journey he is confronted in his mind by the question, which path is right to lead the life- simplicity or extravagant life?

The play is truly inspiring and worth watching..



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