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6th December, 2017

TIFLI 2017 Theatre Commentators - Day 4
Read and enjoy reviews, interviews and experiences sharing by young children un-covering TIFLI 2017 International Theatre Festival for Young Children

Tifli 2017, in its’ fourth year running, will have over 45 theatre performances from India and aboard; 7 workshops for Children, Teachers and Theatre professionals; a Painting Competition for children and a panel discussion on Theatre and Young Audience on the opening day. The week-long extravaganza is surely an event for which you should mark your calendars. Organized by ASSITEJ-India, the Fourth International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences – ‘Tifli 2017’ will be on at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi from 3rd to 9th December 2017.  While Delhi remains the main festival city, Mumbai and Hyderabad play host to satellite festivals. The focus country in Tifli 2017 is France.


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Mandragora Circus - Unlimited Bliss and Fun by Eshita Jain

6th December, 2017

Lights, camera and…

A dying art was revived
That was buried deep inside
Mandragora circus is the one
That will gift you with unlimited bliss and fun!

All the way from Argentina, this play is sure to make your stomachs ache from laughing. Mandragora circus is a theater performance that revolves around two extremely adorable and funny clowns, the ups and downs of whose relationship were beautifully portrayed. It all started because of... well his stomach; his want to eat something, an apple or banana. While the female clown leaves us in awe of her aerial acrobatics and gymnastic skills, the male clown amuses us with his funny antics. This play epitomized what Abraham Lincoln said in 1856, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Without uttering a single word, the actors conveyed us the entire story with great ease, hats off to the actors and their amazing skills. Their eloquent faces during the show just made me feel as if I am stolid.

The play was highly interactive, totally engaging the audience. When people at random were picked amongst the spectators, their astonished yet trilled faces added seasonings of laughter in the hall.  The play was given an instrumental aura by playing music not only on instruments but also with weird combinations like axe, umbrella and what not. Oh, how can I forget their impeccable juggling skills! The way they juggled, my my... it was so smooth, what coordination. Mandragora circus colored my day with colors of happiness, cheer, laughter and everlasting love. At the same time, the play encouraged me to be more expressive in life and acknowledge the small happiness that life provides. As William Wordsworth rightly said in his poem the Solitary Reaper

“I listened, motionless and still;
And, as I mounted up the hill,
The music in my heart I bore,
Long after it was heard no more.” 

The ending of the play was so sweet that it left me with a heart smiling its widest smile long time after the play ended and the happy moments seem to have made me a home on cloud nine!

Mandragora Circus by Aditri Bansal

6th December, 2017

It is a beautiful non verbal play with wonderful expressions and creatively directed. The play is about a young girl and a boy who are good friends but fight over petty things. The play bind the audience very interestingly by their juggling tricks, gymnastics, balancing and so on and on and on…….The show is too lively and involve audience with laughter and magical acts. All the children who visited from various schools of NCR enjoyed the show with good round of applause.

Interview with the female performer of Mandragora Circus:

Who inspired you to do theatre?
Since I was a child I liked to do theatre and always wanted to be a theatre performer.

From which age did you start performing in the plays?
Since I was young.

Did you face stage fear when you did your first play?
Yes but I was excited for the play and was happy.

Have you ever worked in a movie? How it is different from theatre?
Yes I have done short videos. In movies we work in front of camera while in theatre you can feel the audience and get connected to them and enjoy how every scene is progressing.

Which is more satisfying - movie or theatre?

Now here as theatre is a part of school curriculum… so how will it help children at   school level?
Yes of course it helps because the children need to be in a relationship with the sensitive world of theatre.

Mandragora Circus is a play from Argentina, performed by Mandragora Circo group at Tifli International TYA Festival 2017.

Grandfather Mangtae Comes by Anoushka Jain

6th December, 2017

This play was performed by south korean artists to the children of Delhi during tifli 2017 in the morning. It is a touching story about how a boy overcomes his fear for the dreaded, grandfather Mangtae. Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Minjae. His mother always told him that if he does not behave well, she would call grandfather Mangtae and he would take minjae away and punish him. Minjae, liked to play cuppa(when you play a song using paper cups) but his mother kept telling him to do his homework. One day, Minjae couldn't take it anymore. He told his mom the he hates her and he wishes that grandfather mangtae would come and take her. According to me, this play was really good because it was so realistic even though most of the sounds were made by the artist. A lot of clever props were used and it was a very delightful play.

Water Princess - What a funny name for a play by Anoushka Jain

5th December, 2017

The water princess is a play about how we humans misuse water and take it for granted. This play helps all of us who don’t know about how much water we waste everyday to understand how severe this problem has become, and how desperately we need to save water.

There once lived a water princess and she was the only supply for all the water present in the world. She was fed up of humans misusing and taking her blessing for granted. She decided that it is not okay to bottle water and sell it when thousands of poor children are dying of thirst. She decided to leave the Earth and never to return. When people heard this news, they were shocked and begged the water princess to come back. After a lot of persuasion, the water  princess finally agreed but on one condition, she would see five people, hear their stories and then decide whether she was to stay or not. This play was presented to the children of Delhi by Nisha theatres from Chennai. This was a very interactive play, as all the children were asked questions and chimed in with the songs in the play.

The detail which struck me most about this play is that it was so educating and it gave voice to some of the major problems in the world. In my view, all school children should watch this play as it is a very interesting way of realizing what we have done to the world.



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