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5th December, 2017

TIFLI 2017 Theatre Commentators - Day 3
Read and enjoy reviews, interviews and experiences sharing by young children un-covering TIFLI 2017 International Theatre Festival for Young Children

Tifli 2017, in its’ fourth year running, will have over 45 theatre performances from India and aboard; 7 workshops for Children, Teachers and Theatre professionals; a Painting Competition for children and a panel discussion on Theatre and Young Audience on the opening day. The week-long extravaganza is surely an event for which you should mark your calendars. Organized by ASSITEJ-India, the Fourth International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences – ‘Tifli 2017’ will be on at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi from 3rd to 9th December 2017.  While Delhi remains the main festival city, Mumbai and Hyderabad play host to satellite festivals. The focus country in Tifli 2017 is France.


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Chhutti - stories gets their freedom by Kaasni Khalil

5th December, 2017

Today I saw a play called  Chutti. In this play there is a merchant who is travelling with his servant. In the stomach of the merchant there are lots and lots of  stories.  But one problem  with the merchant is that he does  not share the stories with anyone. But one night when the  merchant is sleeping all the character of the stories comes out of his stomach and tell their stories to the servant who was keeping an eye on the goods.  Stories with funny names, funny people and all other exciting  things were  there. The audience were laughing, giggling and shouting. The response of the audience was very good, the play was as funny as would have expected.

Sleeping Beauty - A world full of magic and fun by Siddharth Kalra

5th December, 2017

This is sleeping beauty with a modern twist. It is a mix of many princess stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and of course Sleeping Beauty. The princess lives in a bad neighborhood where she needs to learn how to steal and lie to survive. It does have two lovers in a mix and match of old and new.  It is a fascinating story with one person acting out all the roles with help of her amazing team. The team has come all the way from France and amazed us with their magic of shadows, lights and sounds.

Madame Colette is the one who acts out the whole play with monsieur Olivia and Mr. Pier managing the lights and sounds. She uses different voices and amazing acting. You might think that this is hard but as Madame Collete says “If I touch an object related to a character I become that character”. Madame Colette first started out as a puppeteer and used to do sleeping beauty with puppets. She later got into drama and got the inspiration for the story the moment she wrote ‘Once upon a time’. Her pen just wrote and she ended up with an amazing story. This story will take you into another world and leave you hungry for so much more from Madame Colette’s amazing team Akselere.

If you have not watched Sleeping Beauty you must watch it, tickets for the 6 PM show are available in front of National Bal Bhavan, ITO and on bookmyshow.com.

Sleeping Beauty - Life isn't a fairy tale by Yashvi Jain

5th December, 2017

“In life there are no happy endings, no happily ever after and no Prince Charming. In life you are going to get hurt but the reality of the life is that you still have a tomorrow.” 

We have all heard the overrated story of the sleeping beauty which is the most favorite fairy tale of all times. But, life isn’t a fairy tale. Life has much more than a handsome Prince Charming. Life wouldn’t always give us enough time to wait for just the perfect kiss. 

The sleeping beauty by Madame Colette, Monsieur Olivia and Mr. Pier was an amazing experience to watch. The story line revolved around all what “the real princess’s life” looks like. Tearing and scratching all the rumors attached with the royal life, the protagonist acted and showcased the whole story by her own. With many sad and threatening events happening in her life straight from her father’s death to the time when she slept for years and was saved by the medication rather than the prince’s kiss, she has experienced it all. She has grown strong yet beautiful, fierce yet courageous, powered yet empowered.

Inside of the beautiful set, the wonderful ensemble of the actor plays. At the play’s start, the princess is told to live with a witch who used to lock her in the cupboard to scare her. Because of this ultimatum, the princess learnt how to steal, snatch and lie. It all goes in vain until she finds her love.

The theatre team has come all over from France to showcase their shows. The team has put together an amazing show with smooth scene changes, a clear focus and a cohesiveness that is both impressive and unmatched.

Water Princess - What a funny name for a play by Anoushka Jain

5th December, 2017

The water princess is a play about how we humans misuse water and take it for granted. This play helps all of us who don’t know about how much water we waste everyday to understand how severe this problem has become, and how desperately we need to save water.

There once lived a water princess and she was the only supply for all the water present in the world. She was fed up of humans misusing and taking her blessing for granted. She decided that it is not okay to bottle water and sell it when thousands of poor children are dying of thirst. She decided to leave the Earth and never to return. When people heard this news, they were shocked and begged the water princess to come back. After a lot of persuasion, the water  princess finally agreed but on one condition, she would see five people, hear their stories and then decide whether she was to stay or not. This play was presented to the children of Delhi by Nisha theatres from Chennai. This was a very interactive play, as all the children were asked questions and chimed in with the songs in the play.

The detail which struck me most about this play is that it was so educating and it gave voice to some of the major problems in the world. In my view, all school children should watch this play as it is a very interesting way of realizing what we have done to the world.

Sleeping Beauty - Interview with Madame Colette, Director by Eshita Jain

5th December, 2017

After an exemplary performance by Madame Colette, I just couldn’t wait to meet her, she who had become my inspiration and role model for theatre.

Me: Bonjour madame! C’est tres bien.
Madame: Merci!

Me: I wanted to ask you a few questions. To start with, how come you are so expressive and energetic throughout the play?
Madame: Well, I just feel the play and then express my feelings. His way it becomes easier.

Me: On stage, this show actually depends on you only.  How do you feel?
Madame: Strangely, I never feel alone when I am on stage. All these objects and characters, they seem alive for me. So yea, I don’t feel alone.

Me: Do you get butterflies in your stomach before your performance?
Madame: Yes, actually I do but I am not afraid. These butterflies actually give me the power to outperform and give my best.

Me: One last question. What do you think is the most important think to keep in mind while acting?
Madame: Concentration. You must concentrate on what you do and then you will succeed.



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