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3rd December, 2017

TIFLI 2017 Theatre Commentators - Day 1
Read and enjoy reviews, interviews and experiences sharing by young children un-covering TIFLI 2017 International Theatre Festival for Young Children

Tifli 2017, in its’ fourth year running, will have over 45 theatre performances from India and aboard; 7 workshops for Children, Teachers and Theatre professionals; a Painting Competition for children and a panel discussion on Theatre and Young Audience on the opening day. The week-long extravaganza is surely an event for which you should mark your calendars. Organized by ASSITEJ-India, the Fourth International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences – ‘Tifli 2017’ will be on at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi from 3rd to 9th December 2017.  While Delhi remains the main festival city, Mumbai and Hyderabad play host to satellite festivals. The focus country in Tifli 2017 is France.


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Bienvenue à Tifli 2017 by Yashvi Jain

3rd December, 2017

Theatre has always engaged people to interact and extract. Extract all what they want from this society right in front of them which is not polarized. And having a theatre festival in the city is jubilant and moreover fun. It gives an essence of freedom and livelihood to perceive the success of the fourth festival of childhood. Tifli 2017 has introduced several aspects this year, to continue to mark its grace and strength in this free space which is not preserved.

Having the focus country as France this year, the inauguration ceremony marked several French speakers addressing the gathering followed by the balloon ritual in which every person associated with the festival as organizer or artist or audience releases a balloon in the air. This balloon release of hundreds of balloons is carried on with even more enthusiasm each year. The inauguration was followed by a painting competition for children of several age groups. As it is rightly said that children dream their painting and then they paint their dreams, feelings related to this were to be seen at the amphitheater. While children were away painting, the parents were engaged in an intriguing talk with the three most commendable panelists one can think of when thinking of theatre- Prof. Tripurari Sharma, Ms Sanjana Kapoor, Prof Poonam Batra. All the three were worth listening as they all have been connected to theatre and shows since childhood and do believe that the youth of India should be engaged more in performing arts.

All of them made their points firmly and all the people who attended it were convinced and wanted their kids to attend theatre and were also more than happy to be a part of the engagement. Tifli 2017 is a form of life. It enfolds the layers of life and builds an extraordinary place which is non-threatening; non-threatening for ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. The audience is looking forward for an amazing week with all the fringe classics which make the culture of arts as the highest manifesto.

Lots of fun and cheer is everywhere by Eshita Jain

3rd December, 2017

Tifli 2017 is here
Lots of fun and cheer is everywhere 
Plays from across the world await
For you at Bal Bhawan’s gate!

As Delhi shivers in the early winters of December, international theatre group Tifli commences it’s 4th fun filled heartwarming journey in Delhi at national Bal Bhawan on 3rd December 2017.

Ah! Puppets up on those sticks, what are they trying to do? Probably trying to tell a story...
The five puppets with open hands seem as if they are welcoming us all to be a part of this festival. So much of colour and cheer is spread!

A fusion of namastes and bonjours await as this year Tifli has collaborated with France, Assitej India and Bonjour India.
Tifli’s inauguration ceremony is unlike any other ceremony that you might have attended. The ceremony started with our hearts swirling to the beats of a melodious song sung by children of bal bhawan on tifli. Madame Alice, Monsieur francois and Ms Sanjana Kapoor were the esteemed guests of the ceremony. Our stomachs were left tickling with curiosity as we were shown snippets of the amazing plays that we will watch during this marvelous journey of tifli 2017.

The official inauguration of tifli is one of the perks of being a part of tifli. At the count of 3, hundreds of colourful balloons are released in the sky, symbolising the releasing of stress, worries and pessimism to live the true bachpan with tifli.

4th annual week-long adventure began by Anoushka Jain

3rd December, 2017

Cheers rose as many white, red and blue balloons were set free to signify the inauguration of Tifli 2017. Numerous children and their families were present on this day to attend the inauguration and  painting competition held at National Bal Bhawan, ITO. Motivational speeches were given by the Tifli team as the 4th annual week-long adventure began. 

Excitement filled the air as children from the age of 2 to 17 filed into the amphi-theatre to showcase their artistic skills. Children deeply engaged in their drawing were thinking of creative and artistic ways to enrich their painting submissions. And what were the parents of these children doing during this long, two-hour stretch? Instead of getting bored to their skulls, the parents were attending a talk show about `why children should watch theatre performances’.

Overall, it was a lively December afternoon where many children walked happily away with certificates in their hands.

Art @ TIFLI 2017 by Kaasni Khalil

3rd December, 2017

Today was my first  day as a young commentator in Tifli festival. It is being held at Bal Bhavan. I met two of my friends who came to participate in the art competition. So when i was asked to cover the event of my choice, I chose Art competition. Now you would think, art competition in a theatre festival?  The organizer of the festival thought that TIFLI is all about creativity and art plays an important role in theatre, so why not link art with it.

I went to the amphitheater to interview the children participating in the art competition. They told me that they love to watch plays and they would love to participate in them if given a chance. Though, there were children who have never been to any play and today was their first time to any theatre festival. Children I interviewed were of my age and they were competing in the category D, and their topic was 'Water princess'. There were so many beautiful paintings.

So this was my first day experience in tifli and i am sure coming days will be more exciting.

Why children must go to theatre - a panal discussion by Yashvi and Ishita

3rd December, 2017

The panel discussion at the Tifli 2017 opening ceremony was on “Why children should go to theatre”, comprising three panelists - Sanjana Kapoor, Dr. Prof. Poonam Batra and Prof. Tripurari Sharma. All of them shared their personal experiences with theatre and addressed the audience of parents on why should children watch theatre.

The discussion started with beautiful lines by professor Tripurari Sharma, “Theatre is an unreal space that gives us the scope to look through different lenses at the real world.” She made us realize how important theatre is for not only us but for the betterment of the society. Professor Tripurari rightly said, “Theatre unfolds layers of life.” Theatre teaches you how to live life through its ups and downs.

Ms. Sanjana Kapoor’s talk just fueled us with energy and zeal. She talked about how theatre is a necessity for us all, just like electricity and water. As the discussion further unfurled, stereotypes like theatre only being for the elite class or movies being more interesting than theatre were gently touched upon. She shares her personal experience that one day when she asked her son why does he like theatre he said,” The fact that there are live people out there on stage, there is sense of livingness.”  This answer though simple, left a deep impact on the audience and I could see their lips curve into oohs and aahs.

Professor Poonam Batra provided us with an educational perspective by saying that theatre fires imagination and encourages the spectators to tackle the future and even change it. At times when society starts to deeply influence our thoughts and way of life, Professor Poonam said that theatre provides a non-threatening environment to the kids where they are not afraid of being judged. “We are not fossils”’ she said, “We are humans and there’s nothing wrong in changing - this is what theatre teaches us.”

The proceedings also followed by a question answer round in which many parents expressed their concerns and wants. The panel discussion ended on the note that every parent was satisfied by the fact that all the best performers bring to their role something more, something different than what the author puts on paper. That's what makes theatre live.

Through this discussion we realize that theatre is essential for our lives.
Drama enables a social society which imagines and reflects upon us.
Theatre is for everyone and everyone is for theatre. It is an essence of living!



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