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Theatre Workshops for children in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram - 2017
Children's Theatre Workshops & Puppet Workshops are conducted all year through and specially in Summer vacations for One to Two months duration. In these workshops, the child is made to explore himself, his society, family, surroundings and group-based interaction through various theatre games and other allied arts like writing, painting, etc.

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 TIFLI International Theatre Festival Workshop

Beat by Beat by Atul Somkunwar (for ages 10+)
In this workshop the participants shall explore sounds and rhythms that we come across in our everyday lives as well as use everyday objects to create rhythm patterns and soundscapes.
Date:                    4th December 2017
Time:                    11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Participants:       20
Teaching not Preaching by Priyanka Chatterjee (for teachers)
Having trained 500+ adults and 10000+ children globally till date, Priyanka Chatterjee will share 'The Rules of the road and tricks of the trade' of Performance Storytelling. Teachers will learn to effectively use storytelling as a pedagogical tool in classrooms. Participants will understand genres, sources, styles and formats of a story and will work on skills of a Storyteller like voice, gesture, movement, audience awareness, spontaneity, improvisation, authenticity and presence.
Date:                    4th December
Time:                    3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Participants:       15
Workshop by Bololipsum on Sound Creation (for theatre professionals & children)
As a musician and since 2010, Bololipsum have been conducting animate workshops for the youngest and adults. How to make music with everything but objects aim to be instruments? He demonstrates how to build musical objects, such as electromagnetic antenna, noise boxes, circuit synth, or use water or a candle as instruments. All of those things to make music rather than just sound.  Those times are aim to be pedagogic, fun and about sharing an artistic vision with others.
Date:                    7th December
Time:                    9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon - For Children
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM - For Adults
Participants:       10 each
Forum Theatre by Subhash Rawat (for teachers)
The workshop introduces the participants with a convention in drama - Forum Theatre, and explores its uses in the context of elementary education.  Through the practical experience, the participants will be aware of the values and objectives like expressing one’s own view; listening to and respecting others’ views; collaboration; trust and dialogue. Forum Theatre for Children can be done both ways. One, the adults take it to the children-audience. Two, all the participants (actors and ‘spect-actors’) are children only. The workshop would explore these aspects of Forum Theatre.

Date:                    5th December
Time:                    2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Participants:       20


 Katkatha Puppet Training Workshop

Katkatha's first ever puppet training workshop/audition is here. If you want to work with puppets, or become a Puppeteers or join the Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust as a puppeteer, artist or volunteer this is your opportunity.

This is an intensive training program for beginners. We will teach you the basics of puppet and mask making but the main focus will be Bunraku style manipulation. Dates June 1 - 7. Timings morning till evening, at the Katkatha Puppet studio in Badarpur. There is a small fee and scholarships are also available.

More more details write to us at katkathapuppet(at)gmail.com


 Imran Khans' Theatre Workshop for Children

29th May to 10th June
9:30 AM to 12 noon
Monday to Saturday
Age group 5 to 7 years
 and 8 to 13 years
Venue: DPS International Edge, Golf course extension Road, Gurgaon.

I-entertainment undoubtedly the pioneer group of theatre workshops for children in Gurgaon, once again will be hosting a two weeks long intense theatre workshop for children. The Children would be able to lear the basic nuances of creating theatre to performing theatre. It include, Acting, Movement, Voice Modulation, Speech clarity etc. The Workshop will culminate with a informal performance at the School Auditorium.  
Contact: 9811676375
School: 0124-7100080

 .Creative Drama Workshop by Purvabhyas Theatre

20 May to 4 June 2017

9 am to 1 pm - 4 hours daily

The Workshop which will mainly include Play Making, Public Speaking Skills, Storytelling, Story Making and Team Building.

First day class-cum-orientation day - 20 May, Saturday

21 and 29June, Sunday - No class

4 June, Sunday - Kutumb Theatre Day - Presentation day - Review day

 National School of Drama - Children Summer Theatre Workshop 2017

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 Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts - Children Summer Theatre Workshop 2017

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