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About the Group :

Alarippu - means blossoming, was established in 1983. The group's activities have been spread all over India. Generally, it has been focussing on amateur theatre, youth women and folk theatre. Since 1988 the group has been working with children too, in and out of schools.

It believes that creativity too is not only inherent in every child or individual but it is also one of the ways to expand and express one's self and experience. It tries to create the space and atmosphere, which makes an exploration possible.

While working with children, Alarippu has experimented with creative drama, poetry, songs, art and clay work, photography and story making, writing and telling. Theatre workshops for children and teachers have been an important activity of the group.

Director : Tripurari Sharma

Born on 1956, Tripurari Sharma, graduated from the National School of Drama (NSD) in 1979 with a specialization in direction. She has conducted more than 50 actor-oriented theatrical workshops, covering the states like UP, Bihar, MP, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan as well as neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Social themes, relevant issues and local problems have formed the basis of the plays.

She is a recipient of many prestigious awards like Safdar Hashmi Award, Sanskriti Award etc. She has written a lot of plays also. She visited many countries like Norway, England and Australia and attended first Women's Playwright Conference, USA in 1988. At present she is working at NSD as an Associate Professor in acting.

Productions :

  • The Gift
  • Gadariya Aur Raju
  • Reshmi Rumaal
  • Lado mausi
  • Poshak
  • Daiyre
  • Badlav
  • Suamti

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